College information pro forma status (PERFORMA-18)
Top 10 Medical Colleges in Rajasthan

Critical Care Medicine Equipment

SN Perticulars Image
1 Multi-channel monitoring on all beds
2 Piped Medical Gas supply including oxygen & suction on all beds
3 Invasive vascular pressures (two) on at least 50% ICU beds
4 ICU Ventilators on at least 50% of ICU beds
5 PA catheter/cardiac output available in ICU
6 Non-invasive ventilation available in ICU
7 Crash intubation equipment available in ICU
8 Crash resuscitation equipment available in ICU
9 Defibrillator available in ICU • 12-lead ECG available in ICU
10 Bed-side availability of various modalities of renal replacement therapy like haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
11 Bed-side availability of fibreoptic bronchoscopy
12 Temporary pacemakers available in ICU
13 Volumetric/syringe pumps in adequate quantities available in ICU
14 Portable X-ray
15 Ultrasound/ECHO
16 Fluoroscopy
17 CT/MRI/Cardiac Cath Lab
18 24-hour Diagnostic Laboratory Services
19 24-hour Stat/Emergency Lab services including arterial blood gas
20 24-hour pharmacy support
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