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Department of Biochemistry

Department of Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry
About The Department
  1. The aim of the department of biochemistry is to enable undergraduate and postgraduate students to understand, envisage and explain life processes as molecular events and, to apply their knowledge and skills in clinical problem solving and scientific research.
  2. The department has required infrastructure as per MCI norms as well furnished and equipped practical laboratories, two demonstration rooms equipped with latest teaching aids i.e. overhead projector, LCD with computers, slide projectors. The department library has got latest 109 text books and journals, the seminar room are well equipped and well furnished.
  3. The department has highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty as per MCI norms. The department is effectively implementing teaching/training programmes for undergraduate and post graduate and doctoral program as per MCI norms.
  4. The department is using modern teaching technologies/resources, special emphasis is being given to interactive teaching/lectures.
  5. The evidence-based teaching and research strategies are being practiced by the department especially self-learning habits in students via discussions, seminars, Journal Club and small group activities. Seminars are being conducted within the department and also in collaboration with clinical departments on regular basis.
  6. Postgraduate and doctoral students of the department are engaged in research in core as well as emerging areas of Biochemistry, which is being published regularly in reputed journals. The UG and PG students are trained in all disciplines and subdivisions of Biochemistry i.e. gross and applied Biochemistry, neuroBiochemistry, embryology, histology and genetics.
  7. The department of Biochemistry is doing periodic assessment of all UG students and a log book is being maintained by the PG students for entering day to day performance. This log book is being signed/counter signed by various faculty members of department regularly.
  8. The standard and conduct of university examinations (summative assessment) is done strictly as per MCI guidelines.
  9. The MD programme in Biochemistry aims to create competent biochemists who can work as teachers in medical faculty at undergraduate and postgraduate level, supervise modern laboratory techniques and procedures in clinical biochemistry lab in the hospital at par with NABL standards, carry out research activities at basic and applied level, and suggest, evaluate and interpret biochemical investigations in a given clinical situation and apply knowledge in clinical problems. A log book is maintained by the MD students for entering day to day performance which is regularly signed/countersigned senior faculty members of the department . The department provides round-the-clock diagnostic facilities in the hospital.
  10. Facilities of autoanalyser, semi-autoanalysers, ISE analyser, blood gas analyser, colorimetry, spectrophotometry, flame photometry, electrophoresis, ELISA and molecular biology techniques are available for diagnostic and research purposes.
  11. The department of biochemistry maintains the highest standards in evidence based teaching, research driven education and vibrant academic activities. The department also welcomes interaction with the allied departments by rendering services in advanced laboratory investigations and relevant expert opinions.
national institute of medical sciences jaipur
national institute of medical sciences jaipur

Head of The Department

Dr. Mohammed Abdul Salam
(Department of Bio Chemistry)
M.B.B.S.(Ranga Raya Medical
College ,Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh)
M.D.(Guntur Medical College,
Andhra Pradesh)
0 +
years experience

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