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Department of Community Medicine

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Department of Community Medicine

About Us

The preamble of the Department of Community Medicine is to prepare Community Medicine Physicians of highest caliber. They will have basic understanding of clinical practice, a thorough knowledge of epidemiological principles and methods and the epidemiology of communicable and non-communicable diseases, a familiarity with statistical methods, the relevant aspects of the social sciences and the principles of administration and management and ability to apply this knowledge to the management of health services and study of diseases.

Goal of teaching and training of postgraduate in Community Medicine is directed towards achievement of “Health for All”.

Salient Features

  • The department is effectively teaching/training under graduates/post graduate medical students in the class room as well as in the field on regular basis.
  • The department has highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty as per MCI norms.
  • Department is effectively teaching/training Interns in the field on regular basis.
  • The department is having infrastructure as per MCI norms.
  • The museum and Laboratory of the department displays labelled photographs of the specimens. Both are equipped with microscopes and slides of the specimens for self-study.
  • The teaching and research strategies are being practiced by the department especially self learning habits in students via group discussions, seminars, Journal Club and small group activities. Seminars are being conducted within the department, also in collaboration with clinical departments on regular basis.
  • To acquire skills to deal effectively with an individual and the community the undergraduates and postgraduates are posted at different health centers. This is to be achieved by hands on experience in the rural health centers, the urban health centers, primary health centers including district hospital and community health center.
  • A log book is being maintained by the PG students on day to day and the same is counter signed by the faculty members.
  • Training is given to participate in comprehensive health care of family.
  • To acquire competence in diagnosis and management of common ailments e.g. Tuberculosis, Enteric fever, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and other common diseases prevalent in the community.
  • Acquire proficiency for family welfare programmes.
  • Gain information on essential drugs and their rational use.
  • To recognize medical emergencies.
  • To learn the management and implementation of National Health Programmes.
  • The department conducts regular periodic assessment of all UG students with the objective of giving feedback to them for self-improvement.
  • The department is also encouraging interaction with the allied departments and community based teaching.
  • All faculty members are actively participating in Research activities.
  • The Department is maintaining the highest traditions in discipline/evidence based teaching and training/research driven education/ academic activities.
national institute of medical sciences jaipur
national institute of medical sciences jaipur

Head of The Department

Dr. Ravindra Kumar Manohar
(Department of Community Medicine)
(Professor & Hod)
M.B.B.S.(SMS Medical College,
M.D.(SMS Medical College,
0 +
years experience

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