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Department of Dermatology

Department of Dermatology
Department of Dermatology

About Us

The primary aim of the department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy is to enable undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students to understand skin related disorders and also to help them in utilizing their knowledge & skills in the treatment of skin disease, thereby helping in creation of a disease-free society.

The department has required infrastructure as per Medical Council of India (MCI) norms as well-furnished and equipped laboratory, demonstration room equipped with latest teaching aids namely overhead projector, LCD with computers and slide projectors. The departmental library has got latest text books and journals and the seminar room is well equipped and well furnished.

Salient Features

  1. The department has highly qualified, motivated and experienced teaching faculty as per MCI norms. The department is effectively implementing teaching/ training programmes for undergraduate and post graduate students as per MCI norms.
  2. The department conducts regular seminars and journal club sessions using modern teaching and research strategies. We also have regular case presentation and group discussion by PG students thereby helping them in accumulating clinical acumen. Seminars are also conducted in collaboration with other clinical departments for developing holistic clinical knowledge of UG and PG students.
  3. The department also has in-patient care facilities. Two wards (separate for males, females and children) with a total strength of 40 beds exist (24 for male and 16 for female) with the facilities as per all MCI norms.
  4. It also runs a minor procedure room daily where in different dermatological procedures ( including blister grafting, mini punch grafting for vitiligo, excision of growths, nail surgeries, cryosurgery along with chemical cauterise, peeling etc.)
  5. The side laboratory is equipped with performing all the staining procedures including facilities for examining smears for bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and acantholytic cells. Light microscope with facilities for dark ground illumination microscopy, grams staining, zeihl-neelsens staining and giemsa staining are also available.

The department also runs various specialty clinics namely:

1.Sexually transmitted disease clinic-daily

2.Leprosy clinic daily

3.Psoriasis clinic weekly

4.Vitiligo/pigmentary clinic weekly

5.Allergy clinic weekly

6.Allergy clinic weekly

7.Laser clinic weekly

  •  Postgraduate students of the department are engaged in research in core as well as emerging areas of dermatology, which is being published regularly in reputed journals.
  • The department conducts regular periodic assessment of all UG and PG students with the objective of giving feedback to them for self-improvement.
  • A log book is being maintained by the PG students for entering day to day performance. This log book is being signed/counter signed by various faculty members of department regularly.
  • The standard and conduct of university examinations (summative assessment) is done strictly as per MCI guidelines.
  • The MD programme in our department aims to produce competent dermatologists who can work as teachers in medical faculty at undergraduate and postgraduate level, supervise procedures in clinical dermatology in the hospital, carry out research activities and suggest, evaluate and interpret dermatological investigations in a given clinical situation and apply knowledge in clinical problems.
  • Our department provides facilities of PRP (platelet rich plasma) for Face, PRP for Scalp, Skil grafting, Scar revisions, derma abrasion, mole removal, cyst extraction/ excision, come done extraction, chemical peeling, narrow band therapy, PUVA therapy, Cryo therapy, intrasession injection, skin tag removal, wart removal (RF therapy), milia removal. We also offer hair removal laser (diode laser), Pigmentation & tattoo removal laser (NdYAG laser), acne scar treatment (Fractional CO3 laser), wart removal (Ultra-pulse CO2 laser) and intense pulse light treatment to our patients.
  • The department of dermatology maintains the highest standards in evidence based teaching, research driven education and vibrant academic activities. The department also welcomes interaction with the allied departments by rendering service and relevant expert opinions.
national institute of medical sciences jaipur
national institute of medical sciences jaipur

Head of The Department

Dr. Kishor Singh
(Department of Dermatology)
(Professor & Head)
M.B.B.S.(Govt Medical College
Srinagar, J&K)
(AFMC, Pune)
0 +
years experience

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