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Department of Ophthalmology

Department of Ophthalmology

About Us

The objective of the department is to provide specialized and advanced eye care facilities with current standard of care in the field of Ophthalmology to each and every section of the community. The department is having infrastructure as per MCI norms. The department is well equipped with all the diagnostic and therapeutic facilities required to provide best quality eye care services to the community. 

The department stations following equipment’s for complete eye care services:

  1. Ophthalmic examination chairs units
  2. Slit lamp microscopes
  3. Retinoscopes, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes
  4. Applanation Tonometer
  5. Synaptophore
  6. Hess Screen
  7. Goldmann’s automated perimeter(oculus)
  8. Zeiss Corneal Topographer
  9. Topcon
  10. Autorefractometer with keratomete
    Nidek YAG laser (NIDEK)
  11. Slit lamp with anterior segment imaging system
  12. Fundus camera fundus fluorescein angiography
  13. Retinal laser (Iridex green laser)
  14. Bausch and Lomb keratometer
  15. Anterior and posterior segment OCT (optical coherence tomography)
  16. A-scan
  17. B-scan
  18. Ophthalmic lenses (gonioscope, 20D, 78D, 90D, Panretincal lens, PRP lens, supermacula grid laser lens)
  19. Fully functional minor OT with operating microscope
    Main OT equipped with two Zeiss operating microscopes and Phaco emulsification system (AMO)

Services Offered by the Department: Routine OPD services 24×7. Weekly Specialty Services – Cornea & Contact lens clinic/ Retina and ROP clinic/ Glaucoma clinic/ Low vision aid clinic/ Squint, Neurophthalmology & Oculoplastic Clinic

  • Community services provided by the department under NPCB (National Program for Control of Blindness): The department contributes to fulfillment of national objectives in regards to prevention of blindness. The department is registered with DBCS Jaipur (Under National Program of Prevention & Control of Blindness) and organizes eye camps every week at different remote villages and provides eye screening facilities followed by comprehensive eye care treatment (including surgical treatment). The department also conducts regular school eye screening camps.
  • Courses offered by the Department: Post graduation in ophthalmology/ Bsc optometry/ Msc Optometry/ Diploma optometry. The department has a well structured training program for best clinical and surgical training of the resident.
  • The department has highly qualified and renowned teaching faculty experts in their field as per MCI norms.
  • The department is effectively implementing teaching and training programmes for undergraduate and post graduate students as per MCI norms.
  • The evidence based teaching and research strategies are being practiced by the department specially self learning habits in students via group discussion, seminars, Journal Club and small group activities.
  •  Seminars are being conducted within the department, also in collaboration with clinical departments on regular basis. The department is actively involved in organising symposiums and CMEs with National and International Speakers.
  • Postgraduate and doctoral students of the department are engaged in research in core as well as emerging areas of Ophthalmology, which is being published regularly in reputed journals.
  • The department conducts regular periodic assessment of all postgraduate students with the objective of giving feedback to them for self-improvement.
  • A log book is being maintained by the PG students for entering day to day performance. This log book is being signed/counter signed by various faculty members of department regularly.
  • The standard and conduct of University examinations (summative assessment) is done strictly as per MCI guidelines.
  • The Department of Ophthalmology is maintaining the highest traditions in discipline/evidence based teaching and training/research driven education/ vibrant academic activities. The department is also encouraging interaction with the allied departments and community based teaching.
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Head of The Department

Dr. Tejinder Singh Ahluwalia
(Department of Ophthalmology)
M.B.B.S.(Swai Man Singh Medical
College, Jaipur)
M.D(Armed Forces Medical
College, Pune)
0 +
years experience

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