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Department of Pathology

Department of Pathology
About The Department

The department of pathology has required infrastructure as per MCI norms:-

  1. Histopathology laboratory
  2. Cytopathology laboratory
  3. Haematology laboratory
  4. Clinical pathology laboratory
  5. Immunohistochemistry laboratory
  6. Blood bank
  • The museum of pathology department has various pathological gross specimens , few rare specimen, labelled diagrams and catalogues of the specimens, it is equipped with microscopes and histopathology slides for self study of the students. The department of anatomy has highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty as per MCI norms.
  • Seminar room of the department is well maintained and well equipped with audiovisual facilities and pentahead microscope for teaching purpose.
  • The department has highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty and is effectively implementing teaching \ training programmes for UG and PG courses as per MCI norms.
  • The department is using modern teaching technologies/resources, special emphasis is being given to interactive teaching/lectures.
  • The evidence-based teaching is being conducted in the department especially self-learning habits in students through discussions, seminars, Journal Club and small group activities.
  • Clinicopathological case discussions are being conducted in collaboration with clinical departments on regular basis.
  • The Postgraduate students and faculty are engaged in research work in core as well as in emerging , which is being published regularly in reputed journals.
  • Periodic assessment of all UG and PG students with the objective of giving feedback to them for self-improvement is being conducted in the department.
  • The standard and conduct of university examinations (summative assessment) is done strictly as per MCI guidelines.
  • The department provides round the clock diagnostic facilities and blood bank services in the hospital.
  • The pathology laboratory and blood bank is fully furnished with automated blood auto analyzer for complete blood count, urine analyzer, coagulometer, apheresis and facility of blood components.
  • The department of pathology maintains the highest standards in evidence-based teaching, research driven education and vibrant academic activities. The department also has interaction with the allied departments by rendering services in advanced laboratory investigations and expert opinions.
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Head of The Department

Dr. Kalpana Sankhla
(Department of Pathology)
(Professor & Hod)
(SN Medical College, Jodhpur)
(SP Medical College, Bikaner)
0 +
years experience

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