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Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology
About The Department
  • The composition of the department in Terus of faculty strength, infrastructure and labourites/equipment is as per MCI regulations. The Department of Pharmacology caters to the need of both undergraduate & postgraduate students. It is equipped with the latest technological instruments and research facilities. The department is highly research oriented and there are various ongoing research projects in hand. The department is fully equipped with ultra-modern equipment’s and has excellent state of art e-labs (computer assisted learning and alternative to animal experimentation), clinical pharmacology, pharmacy and experimental; labs and a fully equipped library and museum housing several charts, models and specimen of drugs with proper catalogues.
  • A team of academically qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty has contributed immensely in the process of the department and is actively involved in various research projects.
  • The department provides modules to help students understand the use of drugs in clinical practice. All students are trained in essential medicine concept to promote safe and effective use of drugs (rational drug use) including drug formulations, drug combinations, drug interaction, adverse drug reaction & its management and toxicology.
  • The department runs a pharmaco-Vigilance programme for monitoring adverse drug effects and regular auditing of the prescriptions given to the patients. It has an animal house and central lab for research. The students are trained by giving didactic lectures, practical’s, tutorials and seminars. The department is conducting research on several projects including drug utilization studies and antimicrobial use. Emphasis is on integrated teaching and clinical aspects of pharmacology. An innovative curriculum has been developed to impart training to undergraduate and postgraduate medical students in problem base teaching learning exercise in pharmacology and rational drug prescribing to interns as part of orientation programme.
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national institute of medical sciences jaipur

Head of The Department

Dr. Manjula Bhargava
(Department of Pharmacology)
(Professor & Hod)
M.B.B.S(SMS Medical College,
M.D(SMS Medical College,
0 +
years experience

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