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Department of Radio Diagnosis

Top 10 Medical Colleges in Rajasthan
Department of Radio Diagnosis & Imaging

About Us

The aim of the department of Radiodiagnosis and imaging is to impart quality education and training to undergraduate and post graduate students as per MCI norms and also to teach and help acquire the skills of various imaging modalities, so that in their future endeavors after passing post graduation in Radiodiagnosis, they are successful, well versed and well trained radiologists, capable of performing their duties effectively and render quality services to patients in all modalities of radiology and be able to carry out scientific research and academics in future.

  1. The department is state of art and well equipped as per MCI norms, providing quality services round the clock to in-patients, out patients and in emergency.
  2. The department is equipped with latest two MRI machines (1.5 Tesla digital and 0.35 Tesla), two multi detector CT scans (128 slice and 16 slice), six ultrasound and color Doppler machines, digital radiography, two computerized radiography, two image intensifiers, 800 mA X-Ray machines in addition to HIS and teleradiology, More latest color Doppler machines, elastrography, X-Ray Machines, DR system are in process of acquisition.
  3. The department has highly qualified and renowned teaching faculty expects in their field as per MCI norms. The department is effectively implementing teaching and training programmes for undergraduate and post graduate students as per MCI norms.
  4. The department is also running courses in radiation technology & imaging and impacting Diploma, B.Sc. M.Sc. and Ph.D. in this discipline to many students as per UGC and paramedical council norms.
  5. The evidence based teaching and research strategies are being practiced by the department specially self learning habits in students via group discussion, seminars, Journal Club and small group activities. Seminars are being conducted within the department, also in collaboration with clinical departments on regular basis.
  6. Postgraduate and doctoral students of the department are engaged in research in core as well as emerging areas of Radiodiagnosis, which is being published regularity in reputed journals.
  7. The department conducts regular periodic assessment of all postgraduate students with the objective of giving feedback to them for self-improvement.
  8. A log book is being maintained by the PG students for entering day to day performance. This log book is being signed/counter signed by various faculty members of department regularly.
  9. The standard and conducts regular of University examinations (summative assessment) is done strictly as per MCI guidelines.
  10. The MD programme is Radiodiagnosis aims to create competent radiologists who can work as teachers in medical faculty at undergraduate and post graduate level, supervise modern imaging techniques and procedures in hospital at par NABH standards, carry out research activities at basic and applied level, and suggest, evaluate and interpret radiological investigations in the given clinical situation and apply knowledge in clinical problems.
  11. Overall, the department of Radiodiagnosis and imaging, is state-of-art, equipped with all the latest imaging modalities, imparts evidence based teaching, research driven education and vibrant academic activities as per MCI norms. The department renders services to patient round the clock at very subsidized rates. The department also regularly interact with other clinical departments for better diagnosis, continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills via conferences, research and CME.
national institute of medical sciences jaipur
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national institute of medical sciences jaipur

Head of The Department

Dr. Ram Pratap Bansal
(Department of Radio Diagnosis),
(Professor & Head)
M.B.B.S.(S.P. Medical College,
M.D.(S.P. Medical College,
0 +
years experience

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