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Department of Respiratory Medicine

Department of Respiratory Medicine
Department of Respiratory Medicine

About Us

The Department is providing specialized care to the rural as well as urban population of Jaipur and surrounding areas to control and prevent Tuberculosis in the community. There is also heavy burden of non-tuberculous respiratory diseases including respiratory emergencies and aids. Besides, Bedside care of Tuberculosis &non-tuberculous respiratory diseases, the department is also providing critical care facilities. The department is also actively engaged in UG and PG teaching and pursuing research and publication activities in respiratory specialty.


  1. Fully equipped OPD services in the field of respiratory diseases and tuberculosis.
  2. Specialty clinics in asthma and allergy sleep disorders, COPD & DOTS.
    Indoor facilities for males and females patients.
  3. Side laboratory for Bedside tests including total and differential blood counts, gram’s stain, AFB stain, urine & stool exam.
  4. Procedure room / minor OT to perform bedside diagnostic and therapeutic procedures i.e. Aspiration, FNAC, Biopsy, etc.
  5. Bronchoscopy room for performing bronchoscopies procedures like Biopsies, BAL, TBLB and cytological studies.
  6. Pulmonary function tests including spirometry.
  7. Respiratory intensive care unit for providing energy and comprehensive care to very sick patients including ventilators.
  8. Ancillary services are being provided to the department by the Para-clinical department of Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.
    Separate teaching areas in OPD and indoor department and separate PG seminar room fully equipped with audio-visual facilities.
  9. Compromise teaching schedule for PG students for acquisition of theory and practical competencies to dealing routine and emergency situations in the field of respiratory medicine. The teaching sessions and in the form of Seminar, Journal Club, Clinical Care discussion, inter department meeting and theory lectures are regularly held.
  10. Department is also holding camps in surrounding rural and remote areas regarding prevention and awareness of Tuberculosis.
  11. A log book is being maintained by the PG students day to day and the same is counter signed by the faculty members.
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Head of The Department

Dr. R.C. Meena
(Department of Respiratory Medicine)
(Professor & Head)
M.B.B.S.(S.N. Medical College,
M.D(S.M.S. Medical college,
0 +
years experience

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